Thursday, 28 January 2010

dicks in drag

This is a snippet of a larger piece i've just finished for POKE magazine. Its launching on Valentines Day during London Fashion Week and is the most original magazine concept i've seen in years in quite a boring homogeneous market. yup, POKE is aims to explore the role of the penis today. Its mission statement is to 'cover all references to the penis in our language, art, architecture, sex and politics . We are not about pornography as this aspect of the penis is well documented and represented in our society already.' I pretty much love it already, especially when I hear whispers of fashion shoots involving Swarovski covered testicles... you gotta love that. My illustration is accompanying a piece about the beauty's that are gay bingo at the ICA. But i'll post more about them when I can show the whole piece, drag queens need they're own post I reckon.