Wednesday, 10 February 2010

aurel schmidt makes me jealous

yeah, so hi, i'm aurel schmidt, I have the best glasses ever and i'm totally cool, oh yeah and i'm like, a TOTALLY BRILLIANT ARTIST.

Schmidt is the most interesting artist/illustrator i've seen in ages, I love her grotty hand-drawn paintings so much I would sell my new puppy to own one, they are so beautifully intricate and soft on the eye, then up close you realise they are pastel coloured treats of condoms, tampons and flys, even her fag - end necklace makes me insanely jealous. Although the subject matter and aesthetic style is always more important in art and design I think its really refreshing to see some-one who actually has real technical ability succeed in the fickle, fickle art world, especially as I hate to use computers at all in my own work, so yeah, insanely jealous, but also very inspired.