Tuesday, 2 February 2010

girl crush - Alex Box

I'm a fur addict, so its not really surprising that i'm currently a little obsessed with make-up artist Alex Box the woman has cruella de ville hair people! how brilliant is that. she's like a more rock 'n' roll Daphne Guinness, but its not just her personal style that makes me feel a little sick with envy, she's only a bloody creative genius too. When I go on the Illamasqua website, she makes me want to become a belin seductress with blue lashes, the thing I like most about her faces is the skin, which she uses as a pallet, and quite rightly, as another feature to accentuate with loads and loads of slap, even when she hasn't painted the skin, she favours a really luminescent base. I'm doing a collaboration with photographer Amelia Karlsen soon, and Box's imagry is really inspiring.